You may think you’re getting good value for the production of your marketing collateral, but how do you really know?

On a global basis our consultants are benchmarking all facets of the supply chain and comparing them to a centralised data set.

The result being our clients can have total confidence that their budgets have been fully optimised.

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On-Site Creative Services

You know that there's an opportunity to improve your process or reduce cost, but how do you implement or deliver it?

Paperhat provides expert resource, working onsite with your personnel, or alternatively from one of our offices.

Either solution will deliver the benefits uncovered during the rigorous analysis process.

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What works best for you, centralised transcreation, or a fully resourced studio on your own premises?

Whatever the creative solution, we provide highly experienced personnel, software and hardware to ensure all your analogue and digital deliverables are distributed in the most efficient and cost effective way.

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Group Companies

How do we know that all your services are best in class?

Paperhat's ethos is to seek out and invest directly in like-minded companies with a reputation for excellence, regardless of discipline or location.

We then pool all this resource to provide solutions that offer our clients unrivalled choice.

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How do we ensure that you have the coverage global clients demand?

We only deliver proven solutions where our clients need specific help. Wherever possible we will look to dismantle complicated infrastructures that increase overheads.

We currently have a presence on three continents with clients in 190 countries and also joint venture partners in 109 countries.

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Facts and Figures

Globalisation, it is argued, benefits from scale. What scale can you bring to bear?

Our own network, and that of our contractual joint venture partners, has responsibility for over $800m of client production spend.

We certainly have the clout to effect improvement for any size of client.

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